Original PA-1650-32HE 19.5V 3.33A 65W Charger AC Adapter for HP 15Z-P000

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Item Specification

  • Part Number: PA-1650-32HE
  • AC input voltage:AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • DC output voltage:19.5V
  • DC output current: 3.33A
  • Connector size:--None--
  • Power:65W

Compatible Adatper Models


Suit For Laptop

HP Chromebook 14 Series Notebook PC HP Chromebook 14-q010nr HP Chromebook 14-q020nr HP Chromebook 14-q030nr HP Chromebook 14-q070nr HP Chromebook 14-q029wm HP Chromebook 14-q039wm HP Chromebook 14-q049wm HP Chromebook 14-q000sa HP Chromebook 14-q004sa HP Chromebook 14-q005sa HP Chromebook 14-q010sa HP Chromebook 14-q001tu HP Chromebook 14-q030sg HP Chromebook 14-q050ca HP Chromebook 14-q000ef HP Chromebook 14-q001ef HP Chromebook 14-q030ef HP Chromebook 14-q031ef HP Chromebook 14-q032ef HP Chromebook 14-q010dx HP Chromebook 14-q001xx HP Chromebook 14-q063cl HP Pavilion 15 Series Notebook PC 15-N000 15-N010US 15-N020US 15-N028US 15-N040US 15-N046US 15-N007AU 15-N042EF 15-N088EF 15-N020EL 15-N097EL 15-N002TX 15-N001TX 15-N010TX 15-N011TX 15-N012TX 15-N013TX 15-N014TX 15-N017TX 15-N018TX 15-N019TX 15-N020TX 15-N021TX 15-N022TX 15-N032TX 15-N011TU 15-N012TU 15-N018TU 15-N019TU 15-N020TU 15-N023CL 15-N006AX 15-N008AX 15-N009AX 15-N012AX 15-N013AX 15-N048NR 15-N065NR 15-N088CA 15-N019WM 15-N083EA 15-N028EG 15-N032SA 15-N017SF 15-N020SF 15-N021SF 15-N036SF 15-N043SF 15-N046SF 15-N047SF 15-N081SF 15-N084SF 15-N031SF 15-N024SS 15-N029SS 15-N050SS 15-N029EG 15-N005SG 15-N007SG 15-N010SG 15-N012SG 15-N020SG 15-N021SG 15-N025SG 15-N028SG 15-N050SG 15-n200SF 15-n209SF 15-n212SF 15-n215SF 15-n216SF 15-n233SF 15-n029SF 15-n034SF 15-n037SF 15-n038SF 15-n045SF 15-n056SF 15-n061EF 15-n072SF 15-n090SF 15-n207SF 15-n210SF 15-n211SF 15-n226SF 15-n032SF 15-n035SF 15-n039SF 15-n041SF 15-n059SF 15-n080SF 15-n202SF 15-n205SF 15-N293CL 15-n219SF 15-n221ef 15-n227SF 15-n236SF 15-N227TU 15-n251TX 15-n261TX 15-n212AU 15-n276TX 15-n286TX 15-n296TX 15-n301TX 15-n247TX 15-n215TU 15-n257TX 15-n243CL 15-n273TX 15-n244TX 15-n274TX 15-N225TU 15-n259TX 15-n284TX 15-n250TX 15-n260TX 15-n295TX 15-n246TX 15-n282TX 15-n298TX 15-n258TX 15-n283TX 15-n249TX 15-n289TX 15-n245TX 15-n280TX 15-n255TX 15-N207CL 15-n256TX 15-n281TX 15-n291TX 15-n297TX 15-n287TX 15-n272TX 15-n302TX 15-n292TX 15-n248TX 15-n253TX 15-N216TU 15-n278TX 15-n288TX 15-n293TX 15-n279TX 15-n299TX 15-n254TX 15-n275TX 15-n294TX 15-n300TX 15-N226TU 15-n290TX 15-n285TX

Package include:

  • 1 x Ac adatper
  • 1 x power cord(send the correct power cord fit your country.(USA,UK,EU,AU))

Original PA-1650-32HE 19.5V 3.33A 65W Charger AC Adapter for HP 15Z-P000
Original PA-1650-32HE 19.5V 3.33A 65W Charger AC Adapter for HP 15Z-P000

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